100% Seurce delivery without contacting the courler

Delivery information

Our professional team brings the best quality and delicious products to our office quickly.
You can access, examine, get detailed information about the products carefully selected and put
together on refagida.com and place your order.
We carefully pack the ordered products and deliver them to you officially, with post-paid cargo
service (with UPS and DHL assurance).
For orders below $200 abroad, the shipping fee is fixed and $14.99. For orders of $200 or more,
For domestic orders less than 200₺, the shipping fee is fixed and 14.99₺. SHIPPING is FREE for
your orders of 200 ₺ or more.
We guarantee freshness, quality and transportation for our products.
Otherwise, you can request a refund.
Delivery Time is 3-4 days.
However, if you encounter any problems during shipping or with your package, contact us at
mezopotamia@gmail.com or via WhatsApp on our phone

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